We are Master students at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technologie in Computer Science and Mathematics with different focus but all interested in Graph Theory. After visiting Tamaras lecture and Marcel's exercise on 'Algorithms for Graph Visualization' we decided to apply some of the theory we've learned and to participate in the Graph Drawing Contest.

Florian Grötschla

I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Science, focusing my studies on algorithmics and cryptography with a tendency to theoretical aspects.

Tamar Mirbach

I mostly works with graphs from a very theoretical point of view. In October I start writing my Master Thesis in Extremal Graph Theory. After that I will continue working in the same area pursuing a PhD.

Christian Ortlieb


Tamara Mchedlidze

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Informatics of Karsruhe Institute of Technology. I work on theoretical, experimental and empirical aspects of network visualization. Most of all, I enjoy understanding how other disciplines (Humanities, Psychology, AI) can enhance and be enhances by the network visualizations field.

Marcel Radermacher

I am Ph.D. student interested theoretical and practical aspects of graph drawing. One part of my research is focused on the interplay of combinatorial properties geometric realization of planar graphs. For example I studied whether a set of vertices can be drawn on a arrangement of lines. On the practical side I develop and evaluate algorithms to compute straight-line drawings of graphs with, for example, a small number of crossings.